6 Ways to Kick that Cold

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Cleaning your hands and keeping them away from your face are essential methods to staying healthy during the winter. With us all locked up indoors, it’s the best method to prevent germs from spreading.

Dry hands in winter are certainly brutal. I keep the nail creme and lotion in arm’s reach at all times during these months.

Last weekend, I got lax when I was around someone for two days that had a cold. And boy, did I pay for it. Less than a week later, I was feeling lousy. As soon as I first felt the symptoms, I followed these ideas to get rid of that cold fast!

6 Ways to Kick That Cold

1. Fluids
Although I wasn’t really thirsty, and I just didn’t feel like drinking or eating anything. I did force myself to drink up. Staying hydrated is imported. I enjoyed mostly water with fresh lemon, hot tea as well as orange juice, for an extra vitamin-c kick!

2. Chicken Soup
A great way to get down some fluids and much easier on your stomach than a heavy meal. Heavy foods were certainly not appetizing to me! And you’re not only getting nutrition, but hydrating as well!

3. Drink Hot Liquids
The hot liquids will help soothe your throat and also will help with hydration! I drank Comfort & Joy tea during the mornings and early afternoons, then switched to Peppermint Tea after dinner, since it is decaf.

4. Rest
I layed low as soon as I noticed my symptoms! I even took a nap! And then I spent more time sleeping at night. I was in bed before my husband and up after him! He’s so lucky he can run on 6-7 hours of sleep! {Jealous} With my cold, I slept 9-10 hours each night. I also skipped my work-outs until my energy levels returned.

5. Neti-Pot
My neti-pot was one of the best investments I ever made back in 2007! If you’re an allergy sufferer like, be brave and get one today! I promise it is easier than it looks! It’s not scary once you understand how to use it properly. I used the neti-pot twice a day during the onset and length of my cold. It helped clear out the pressure and the mucus!

6. Zinc
Zing lozenges are the secret to kicking a cold in my book! I used cold-eeze quickmelts brand. They do not leave a harsh taste and texture to your mouth like a lot of zinc products do. Plus, it has a nice berry flavor at first. Zinc can help keep the virus from reproducing, and therefore shortening the duration of your cold.

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After 3 days of laying low and using the tips above, I am back at it. My energy level is high and I cannot wait to get back into the gym tomorrow morning! The best news, is I didn’t have to miss any days of work!

Here’s to staying healthy this winter!


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