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What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

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Not gonna lie… I’ve been eating pretty simply lately. It’s rather boring now that I’m writing down and reflecting!

With the hubby and I in temp housing, I’m hardly cooking much of anything. And with this heat and being off my routine, I don’t feel like eating much either!
It’s amazing what stress can do to one’s body.

It’s temporary. 2 weeks & 2 days until we are in our house!


So here’s what I ate yesterday… simple style!


|| Breakfast ||

Not feeling hot foods right now so I’ve been switching out my paleo breakfast mash {recipe to come}  for cereal. Totally hitting the spot!


|| Lunch ||

So hungry I forgot to photograph… forgive me!
But I had coconut oil roasted broccoli with pesto rotisserie chicken. Delicious. One of my favorite meals. We meal prep this just about every week so it’s a staple in our household!


|| Dinner ||

Leftover rotisserie chicken with pesto {told you I was boring this week!}, green beans and roasted sweet potatoes.


|| Snacks ||

 This little treat was enjoyed at work! WIAW-Rice-Krispy-Treat

And these guys were enjoyed in the afternoon!  WIAW-Peanut-Butter-Pretzels

Told ya, simple. I can’t wait to be in my dream kitchen whippin’ up recipes to share with you guys! My hubby is probably just excited!

Have a good week! xoxo


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