Reebok Rocks! Oh yea!

A year ago, I bought these beauties for my birthday:

Reebok RealFlex Transition Trainers

Reebok RealFlex Transition Trainers

What better way to treat myself, on my 29th birthday, than with brand new sneakers!
I <3 fitness. And buying presents for myself!

I love new fitness gear. It refreshes me and reengages me! It feels good to look cute while working out!

aerobics See?? Comfort and visual appearance is just as important as sweating! Right?!? ;)

Less than two months after sporting my cute new shoes, I noticed the tongue was disconnecting! Whaaat?! This can’t be!

For months, I stared at the shoes with contempt. Unable to decide what to do.

Then I finally got fed up with a great pair of shoes sitting in my closet unused, because of a defect. So I called Reebok. After weeks of calls and talking with Reebok & DSW (where I purchased the shoes) to understand the issue and get all the details in order, this was the result:

Reebok Crossfit Nano Speed

Reebok Crossfit Nano Speed


I was uncomfortable asking for year-old shoes to be replaced because of a defect. I was honest with DSW & Reebok explaining the problem I was having and I was open to whatever decision they were going to make. But I had to express my issue and try to find a resolution that would satisfy me.

Well, Reebok blew me away!

Reebok offered me a large credit in order to purchase a new pair of shoes. For a few bucks out of my pocket, I was able to upgrade to a better shoe that fits my fitness lifestyle! I was beyond happy, satisfied and I will definitely continue to rave about their customer service!

I just had to share this with you guys! Reebok rocks!!! I cannot wait to break these Nano Speed’s in and review them for you guys!

Do you have any great customer service stories?

Do you love Reebok as much as me? Tell me why!


I cannot publish this blog post without acknowledging today. A day that will forever weigh heavy on the hearts of Americans everywhere. 9.11.2001 Never Forget. never-forget-flag-550x320

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