January is the time for resolutions.


The time to get back on track, create goals & progress forward. The time to be conscious of your life and the direction you want to take.

This year I did not sit down and map out my goals for 2014. It has been making me feel guilty! Anybody with me?!?

I am an ambitious and driven person, and until I map out my goals I have a hard time being productive. The busier I am, the more I complete. I love my down time, but I get bored easily.

Lately, I have been consumed with work that I have slipped with my new year resolutions. I have health and fitness goals that are more of a lifestyle than new steps to my 2014 road map. But I have yet to map out specific goals. I promise ya’ll, I’m going to get going on that today!

But in the meantime, here are some things I would like to incorporate into my year:

Share your thoughts: What are your 2014 new year resolutions? Anything I should add to my list?

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I am Rachel! I live, work & play in historic Charlottesville & Richmond, Virginia. I am in Corporate Real Estate by day, and am an aspiring health nut by night. I am loaded with curiosity and the desire to learn more about health, wellness & clean eating. I love sweating, to-do lists, creating simplicity & a cold craft beer. An expert at couponing & saving $$ on everyday items, a source for shopping tips and what’s new, plus a health mentor. I have become the go-to-girl for my family & friends! Encouraged to share my knowledge & personal journey, was born Lou Lou Belle!


  1. Good Karma Photography says:

    Rachel I love this post…
    I usually set new resolutions at the start of the year, however, this year I didn’t. I wasn’t planning on it either. At least not specific ones, my goals for this year are simple:

    Go on more adventures.
    Be around good energy.
    Let go of bad energy.
    Learn new things.

    My resolution is to set an active goal to participate in life. Find inspiration in the little things, and be thankful everyday.

    Happy New Year!

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